Safe Installation and Lockout Services

Safe Installation and Lockout Services

Looking for emergency safe lockout solutions nearby? Do you need help installing a brand new safe at the office or at home? Get in touch with the EZ Locksmiths team!

We specialize in the entire array of safe services at affordable rates and we tackle any other type of lock and key problem on the spot.


Safe Unlocking and Safe Installation Services We Offer

No matter if you are using a home safe to keep your personal documents or prized possessions away from potential theft attempts, fire or water damage, and other similar threats, or you are using several commercial safes, we are your go-to safe locksmithing company in town. Here is what we can provide you with:

  • 24/7 safe unlock services
  • safe installation
  • safe cracking
  • safe lock manipulation
  • safe scoping
  • safe lock repair
  • vault lock installation
  • vault lock change
  • electronic safe lock repairs
  • timelock set up
  • safe key duplication
  • safe lock replacement

The EZ Locksmiths crew handles all types of safe services for both commercial and residential clients. clients. No matter if you forgot the combination to your safe, you have lost your key, or accidentally locked it in, our experienced and licensed locksmiths are here to assist you.

Residential and Commercial Safe Installation

Choosing the right location to install a new safe at home or at the office is a critical step of the process. If you do not have any experience installing a safe, give us a call our experts guide you.

Safe installation consists of several steps, including:

  • locating the wall studs with stud sensors
  • drawing a 14 ¼-inch square on the wall between the studs
  • making a cut and carving the opening of the safe without interfering with any electrical cables
  • filling in the spaces with one-quarter-inch wooden shims or plywood
  • securing the wood with finishing nails
  • tilting the safe into the opening while keeping the door door
  • carefully pressing the safe against the wall
  • securing the safe with screw studs

Our safe lock technicians will finish each safe installation by inspecting the door’s locking mechanism and checking if it is working normally.

Emergency Safe Lockout Services

If you need assistance with a forgotten safe combination code or you cannot access your electronic safe for one reason or the other, get in touch with us. We specialize in accidental safe or vault lockout solutions for all types of safes. We rely on expert safe lock picking tools that will keep the damage to a minimum. We never use drilling unless absolutely necessary, when no other solution will prevail.

Give us a call, let us know exactly what you need assistance with and we will rapidly identify the nearest mobile safe locksmith in your area and send them over to your address. In less than half an hour, our locksmiths will start working on unlocking your safe on the spot. With the help of industry-proven and certified safe lockout and cracking methods that resemble our general car or home lockout services, our technicians will grant you access to your safe’s content hassle-free.

We offer the safest and most efficient safe cracking solutions, along with safe drilling, scoping, and other a number of other dedicated safe lock manipulation methods that can help us bypass any type of lock on a safe or vault.

Safe Scoping Services

Safe scoping refers to a safe opening procedure that is similar to drilling. Our locksmiths rely on a special borescope to assess the structure of the safe by poking a small hole and scoping out extra security layers and features on more complex safes.

Safe Lock Manipulation

Lock manipulation for safes refers to a lock picking technique that can keep potential damages to a minimum. Our locksmiths initiate the procedure by using a series of sound amplification tools to listen to the safe while simultaneously moving the safe’s dial and trying to correctly align it with the suitable wheels that would open the door. The sounds our locksmiths will be searching for are made by the driver pins hitting the fly’s notches on the wheel. These will let them know they are on the right track.

Safe Drilling Solutions

Safe drilling is an emergency safe unlocking procedure that can be completed quicker than lock manipulation. However, it may cause more damage to the safe, since the lock will need to go through actual drilling. The small hole will be used for inserting dedicated lock picking tools to open the safe. In the case of complex safes with added security features, drilling may be replaced with a different solution.

Safe Prying

Our safe unlocking technicians also specialize in safe cutting and prying solutions for restoring access to any safe, when anything else fails.

Convenient Safe Installation and Safe Unlocking Prices

We offer free, no-obligation safe installation and safe opening price quotes. Feel free to give us a call and let us know the exact type and model of safe or vault you need help with. Our friendly customer support crew will rapidly give you a price estimate and schedule a repair, installation, or lock picking job for you. Whether you need assistance with a fireproof double metal safe mounted on a wall, a smart safe, or a classic model, we charge the most affordable safe installation and safe cracking prices in town.

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Home Lockout$30*
Car Lockout$25*
New Lock Installation$60*
Mobile Locksmith$30*
Car Key Replacement$60*
Lock Re-Key$25*
Car Key Extraction$40*
Master Key System$40
Mailbox Lockout$25*
Trunk Lockout$30*
Mailbox Change$90*
File cabinet Change/Lockout$60*
Safe Installation & Service$60*
Spare Key Duplication$60*
* $19 Service Call fee