As scam artists are getting craftier by the year, finding new and clever ways to keep your luggage and prized possessions safe while traveling may be a hassle. Both inexperienced and seasoned players can easily turn into moving targets for pickpockets, thieves, and a variety of con artists.

Learning how to actively become more cautious and mindful when moving around in a new country is only half the effort. Using the most reliable locks for your luggage should do the rest. Since we specialize in all locks, keys, and security systems in general, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the importance of smart locks on luggage. Smart luggage locks are, without a doubt, one of your best bets in the fight against thieves.

Keep reading to find out exactly what smart luggage locks are, how they work, and why it is a good idea to invest in them.

What Is a Smart Luggage Lock?

Luggage smart locks are smart alternatives to regular locks you would normally fit on your bags and suitcases. Instead of the standard metal key and combination code mix, a smart luggage lock relies on smart technology. Similar to smart locks for residential doors, luggage smart locks connect to a smartphone and are operated with the help of a dedicated app, while the phone is in range.

Provided a thief manages to steal your bags, they should still have a hard time unlocking the smart lock on it without also grabbing your smartphone along. Smart locks also rely on an automated feature that re-locks the lock to stop it from unlocking at random times.

How Do Smart Luggage Smart Locks Operate?

Smart luggage locks are connected with Android or iOS devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches, depending on the model. With the help of Bluetooth or NFC, the chosen smart device will allow you to operate the smart lock through a special app.

Smart luggage locks can either be controlled with the help of Touch IDs, passcodes, or regular screen tapping. Using proximity trackers, the lock sends notifications in real-time once the bag is no longer in the app’s range. In other words, the luggage is less likely to be left behind inside an airport, hotel room, bus, or train station while traveling.

Benefits of Using Smart Locks on Your Luggage

  • Smart locks for luggage rely on crowdsourced location trackers. This makes them excellent alternatives for regular zipper padlocks. With the help of crowdsourced tracking, these locks will provide you with the precise locations of your luggage 24/7. If you constantly need to fly to your travel destinations and you are worried about the safety of your bags during your layovers, a smart lock will make all the difference.
  • You do not have to remember complex lock combinations. Smart locks completely eliminate the need to memorize your multiple-digit combination codes for your standard combination locks. The same goes for struggling to dial your codes on tiny small wheel dials. All you need to do is set up an encrypted ID and change it every time you need to. Most smart luggage locks feature millions of available encrypted IDs.
  • You will not grab someone else’s bags by mistake. If you frequently confuse other people’s bags with your own while in a hurry to make it on time for the next train or bus, the smart lock will alert you regarding your missing bags and help you reverse the problem. You will get the chance to personally set up notifications with buzzers for distance control
  • You will benefit from backup access buttons. Just in case you run out of battery on your smartphone while traveling, you will still be able to keep total control of your smart lock with the help of a dedicated backup button.

Smart Lock Ideas for Your Bags

The market generously displays numerous smart lock options for luggage to choose from. One good example is the eGeeTouch padlock that uses Bluetooth and NFC, Bluetooth, and vicinity tracking. The lock is fully compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and can be paired with Samsung Gear S, Apple Watch, or NFC Fob. The lock also comes with a small, waterproof fob.

Another good smart lock for travelers is the AirBolt model. This is a light-weighted model that can withstand bad weather conditions. The lock has the approval of the TSA and it comes with proximity alarms and a dedicated remote sharing alternative that will let your relatives or close friends get access to your luggage as well.

If you need emergency help with a broken or faulty smart lock on your luggage, feel free to give us a call. We specialize in the entire array of lock and key services for a variety of clients and we can assist you on the spot. For further information on smart luggage locks, give us a call and let our friendly customer support guide you.