A flat tire can turn into a huge hassle, depending on the time of the day when it happens, your location, and the experience you have with flat tires. However, late-night emergencies should not be the only reason why you should consider having your tires replaced. On the contrary, there are quite a few reasons why you should periodically have your tires assessed and replaced, preferably by professionals. If you want to know more about efficient tire replacement, keep reading.

If you currently need an emergency flat tire replacement service, give the EZ Locksmiths team a call. We specialize in tire replacement solutions for all types of vehicles. We offer 24-hour tire replacement solutions at competitive rates and we can also assist you with any other type of lock and key locksmith service.

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Tires?

Besides the obvious flat tire problem that will force you to replace your old tires, there are many other reasons why you should consider having new tires fitted on your vehicle. Here are just a few of the most common:

The tires are damaged or too worn out to work normally. You have started noticing that your tires are no longer working the way they should be working. Either the treads have lost their grip or you are having trouble controlling your car on wet and slippery roads. A tire that does not have sufficient tread in it will usually cause you to lose control of your car and start skidding.

The car vibrates on the road. This is another indicator of a problematic set of tires that may require replacement. If you notice your vehicle starts to vibrate while driving on normal pavement that has zero bumps, go ahead and schedule a tire replacement job.

Your tires show signs of cracks or bulges. Any additional damages you may notice on your tires, including sidewall cracks, bulges, and blisters could all eventually lead to air leaking issues. A tire that is not sufficiently inflated will start losing its structure, becoming weaker, and causing obvious problems on the road.

You haven’t replaced your tires in the last six years. The old age of your tires should also be regarded as another important warning sign that it might be time for a replacement. If you cannot remember replacing your tires in the last six years, you should seriously consider scheduling a job with expert service.

You use the break a lot. If your driving style is one that makes you frequently use the break or the roads you drive on simply force you to cause a lot of wear and tear to your tires, you might also need to have your tires checked for faults. While not immediately visible to the naked eye, the signs of a worn-out tire might still be there, preventing you from fully enjoying your quality tires. If you find yourself behind the wheel for several hours a day, every day, you should have your tires professionally checked and replaced more often than the standard six years’ time-frame. The same goes for driving long distances at high speeds, along with driving on toads covered in obstacles such as potholes, sharp objects, curbs, or speed bumps.

Your tires have been patched for leaks. If one or several of your tires have been subject to puncturing because of nails or sharp glass pieces on the road and your tires are covered in patches, it is a good idea to replace your tires with a new set. Postponing it will only cause your tires to age at a faster rate, while also potentially leading to risky situations on the road.

What Does Tire Replacement Involve?

It all depends on the exact problem you are dealing with. If you need assistance with a punctured tire, you may need buster tire removal or partial or complete tire change services on all four tires. The tire mounting step requires the use of a number of special tools. Trying to remove a punctured tire on your own could cause additional damage to the tire. A popped tire is also more likely to get jammed, which will only make the removal process more complicated.

If you do not own the right type of tire replacement tools including a lug wrench, jacks, wheel wedges, flashlights for night time work, and the car owner’s manual for additional instructions, let the pros handle it for you. Our experts have experience working with all types of car brands and models, old and new. They can tackle any type of problem on the side of the road and save you money on towing services and car dealerships. Plus, they can also assist you with a variety of other related or unrelated car tire problems, including car key replacement, trunk unlocking, transponder key reprogramming, ignition cylinder repairs, new lock installation, or anything in between.

Final Thoughts

If you are dealing with worn and old tires on your car that are compromising your vehicle’s grip on the road or you are having trouble stopping or breaking when you need to, schedule a tire replacement job as soon as possible. Every year, statistics speak about around 11,000 tire-connected accidents on the roads of the country. All drivers should provide proper maintenance and care to all types of tires, including run-flat tires, all-terrain tires, sport, highway, or winter tires. If you have already traveled over 15,000 miles in the past year or more than 45,000 miles in the last three years without changing your tires, it might be time to act.